Interactive Content Ideas: How to Bring Life to Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy

With thousands of distinct content promotion and content marketing strategies available, choosing the right one can be a hassle. Content marketing tactics may help you develop outstanding content, get more traffic and leads, and increase revenue.

Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy

However, these marketing strategies and approaches are only effective if you know when and where to employ them. Using interactive material to drive interaction and mix up your typical posting procedure is a fantastic way to do both. Interactive content engages your audience, boosts click-throughs, as well as gives you more possibilities to educate and entertain your audience. 

If you want to outshine the competition, gain more attention, and sell more products or services, you should employ the benefits of interactive content marketing. Interactive material can assist you in achieving your objectives. Any content that a user may click on, click through, answer, or play with is considered interactive content.

These content pieces cost more time (and often money) to generate, but users spend more time with them and get more value out of them which is why brands end up using the services of a Content Writing Company to make their work simple. They’ll pique your audience’s interest and can even be used to learn more about them.

Here are a few Interactive Content Ideas to enhance your content marketing strategy:

1. Quizzes:

Quizes- Content Marketing Strategy
Quizes – Content Marketing Strategy

Quizzes and polls are low-cost methods of producing interactive information. Consider this: how many times have you wondered what sort of cake you are? BuzzFeed is recognized for its interactive quizzes, which explains why 96 percent of customers who begin a BuzzFeed quiz complete it. Quizzes can be beneficial in determining where your audience stands, which can lead to an opportunity for you to sell your product or service.

They can assist you in delving into the minds of your target audience and producing twice as much material. One of the many advantages of polls and quizzes is that they demonstrate to your audience that the conversation is two-way and that you value their input. Asking followers to caption images is another engaging way to communicate with them. You can use polls incorporated into Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook groups, and Instagram Stories. Each allows you to add many answer options, as well as regulate the poll’s duration.

2. Giveaways:

Giveways -Content Marketing Strategy
Giveways -Content Marketing Strategy

Everybody loves free anything. Contests and giveaways are both wonderful ways to get your brand some exposure, regardless of the size of your company. Consumers adore free stuff, no matter how big or tiny the prize is, and if the prize is worth it, they’ll put in the effort. Giving free something to everyone, clients and non-clients alike will help you expand your customer base. You want to establish a giveaway that is appealing to your target audience and that is simple to enter; this will allow you to attract new customers and earn a possible lifetime customer.

3. Interactive videos:

Interactive videos - Content Marketing Strategy
Interactive videos – Content Marketing Strategy

Another wonderful approach to incorporate interactive content is through interactive videos, which make use of the format that has the most reach and engagement of any content kind.

Interactive films can feature links to landing pages, quizzes, or the ability to skip to specific areas based on the viewer’s preferences. There are several excellent tools available to assist you in creating these types of videos, but YouTube offers basic video interaction cards that can prompt your viewers to subscribe to your channel or watch a related video or playlist.

These are just a few examples of how interactive content may help you increase engagement – and, as we all know, engagement is becoming increasingly vital for gaining social media reach. You’re already in a better position to encourage engagement because viewers are involved in an interactive video – whether they need to make a series of decisions to advance the narrative and boost your sales or engagement.

4. Calculators:

Calculator - Content Marketing Strategy
Calculator – Content Marketing Strategy

For instance, The Vegan Calculator has a website solely dedicated to displaying the updated stats and data regarding the animals butchered for the meat industry. Calculators are a great approach to getting clients to enter your sales pipeline.

To convert their prospects, several firms provide interactive calculating tools that are backed by their product. To make the most of every client engagement, these computations are accompanied by a clear call-to-action button.

5. Infographics:

infographics - Content Marketing Strategy
Infographics – Content Marketing Strategy

Infographics, for example, are often circulated more than their equivalents. Infographics, like other cool tools, are a fun way to make intriguing material.

It uses eye-catching images to convey important information.  Infographics are also used by certain content marketers to present difficult information to their clientele.  Interactive infographics are a step up from infographics.


Interactive content makes your audience a part of your conversation. Everybody loves being included and nothing feels better than knowing that your voice matters, the minute brands understand that interactive content marketing excels in both’ providing entertainment and information at the same time, it will be a game-changer.

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Content Marketing Strategy

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