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Cashed In: Conversations with Funded Founders

We invite founders who have recently secured funding for their startups to join us in our “Cashed In” series. Share your journey, from initial pitch to final handshake, and offer invaluable insights into the fundraising process. Discuss your experiences, lessons learned, and advice for other entrepreneurs navigating the funding landscape. Your story can inspire and guide others on their own path to startup success. If you run a startup and have received funding recently, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below to get started.

Founder's Journey: Interview with a Successful Startup Founder

We’re always looking to share the stories of successful startup founders in our “Founder’s Journey” series. If you’ve navigated the challenges of the startup world and built a successful business, your insights are invaluable to others who aspire to do the same. Share your experiences, the ups and downs, the decisions that made all the difference, and the lessons that only experience can teach. Your journey can provide motivation and guidance to the next generation of startup founders. If you’re a successful startup founder and would like to share your story, please fill out the form below to participate.

Fail Better: Candid Talks with Unsuccessful Startups

Every failed startup has a story to tell and lessons to share. In our “Fail Better” series, we dive deep into the reasons behind startup failures. We’re interested in the decisions that led to unexpected outcomes, the challenges that were insurmountable, and the moments that changed everything. More importantly, we want to know what you learned from it all. Your candid reflections on your startup’s journey can offer valuable insights for other founders, helping them avoid similar pitfalls and build more resilient businesses. If you’re a founder who has faced startup failure and are willing to discuss the reasons behind it and the lessons learned, please fill out the form below to be part of this enlightening conversation.

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