Stunning drawing room interior design ideas in 2023

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With 40% of the prize money, I partnered as director of photography for an ambitious short film project, and the deal was set for a true 48-hour filmmaking challenge. My sole qualification and experience for this job were that I had a camera. Now, I know you’ve already dismissed the entire situation as ridiculous, but in reality, it was a valuable learning experience for me, but not in a positive way. This was all a cash grab plan from a college classmate I met through my photographic society, and after two months of learning photography and filmmaking, we were ready to seize the limelight.

drawing room interior design ideas
Drawing room interior design ideas

However, things began to fall apart quickly, and with only 48 hours to complete the project, we wasted 24 hours arranging the essential materials. Keep in mind that we were college students and teenagers, and we depended heavily on our connections to shoot the story because we didn’t have any money. The story required a drawing room with good interior design and four cast who were playing a deadly psychological game. The casts were our other college buddies, but the drawing room was a difficulty for us. No one offered us a location to shoot the film, and with only 24 hours left, we made every available call for help.

Finally, we found a spark of hope in the form of a shooting location, and as time was running out, we agreed to shoot there. We got at the place with 12 hours left in the submission, and as soon as we entered the drawing-room, our final dreams crumbled.

The space was poorly lit, and the interior design was a mishmash. This drawing room completely shattered our expectations. As a director of photography, it was my responsibility to make this location seem decent in-camera, but nothing went at all, and in post-production, my friend and I thought that it would be nice if we didn’t submit this awful looking film.

This was the last time I talked about the project with anyone until now when I was assigned this topic to write about. I’ve always wanted to encourage that house owner to do some preliminary research before attempting to re-design his home or, at the very least, hiring a professional to assist him. But I understand that bending space-time isn’t my thing, so don’t bother meeting that guy again; nonetheless, I may write this in the hopes that he will see it one day and be inspired by the greatest drawing room interior design ideas which can help him create best interior design and same goes for you.

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First Impressions Matters:

drawing room interior design ideas
Credit: Drawing room interior design ideas by Purple interior

Although we are all familiar with the concept of “first impressions,” few people are really the master of this crucial term in interior design. If a house were a person, then the drawing would be his first impression. When a visitor, relative, or anybody else comes to your house, they first go into your drawing room, and with a quick-to-judge attitude, they might get a sense of your entire lifestyle through your drawing room. Always attempt to include your personality into your drawing room, but with a style, not a jumble of different elements.

All about family:

drawing room interior design ideas
drawing room interior design ideas

Families actually live in drawing rooms. They come together, hang around, do stuff together, and converse with each other. The majority of drawing rooms have a predetermined quantity of furniture and decor elements. Every family’s favourite room displays the members’ accomplishments, status, and happy moments. Here are some stunning drawing room interior design ideas to help you take your home interior to the next level.

Chandelier Speaks Everything:

drawing room interior design ideas
drawing room interior design ideas

When you have too much of something, it destroys the atmosphere, but if you have too little, you’re in trouble, and the same is true with lighting. When there are too many light bulbs and fixtures, they might alter or detract from the main feature of the property; when there are fewer lights, the property is poorly lit. Replace a lighting fixture with a magnificent chandelier that not only complements your drawing room’s contemporary style but also gives it a terrific vibe.

Houdini of Your Drawing Room:

With his jaw-dropping performances and illusions, Harry Houdini, an escape artist, illusionist, and stunt performer, earned a reputation for himself in the twentieth century. Mirrors provide that illusion in your drawing room. Mirrors enhance any space, no matter how little. They create the appearance of a larger, more trendy, and more modern drawing room. Place a large mirror against one of the walls, on a mantel, or at the front door. It has the ability to completely transform your drawing room, much like Houdini’s great illusion.

Style in Today’s Homes:

drawing room interior design ideas
drawing room interior design ideas

In today’s homes, exposed brick walls are a popular choice. This style of interior design is also here to stay because to the unique personality they bring to a room. Exposed tiles on one wall of a drawing-room combine contemporary and traditional styles and provide character to the space. It brings the best of your drawing room interior.

All That Glitters is not Gold:

drawing room interior design ideas
drawing room interior design ideas

As I said earlier drawing room is all about family & every family has its own viewing habits, whether it’s TVs or music systems, but they must be unobtrusive and take up little space in the drawing-room. Most people strive to get the largest LCD panel or home theatre but don’t listen to the cunning salesman who wants to earn some additional money by selling you something that doesn’t fit your interior design style or ideal viewing distance.

The size of your LCD and home theatre should be proportional to the size of your drawing room & your viewing distance. The LCD panels must be fixed to the wall. Hidden systems and devices blend in and add to the mood of the drawing room.


drawing room interior design ideas
drawing room interior design ideas

The walls of a drawing room are canvases in and of themselves. The walls can be experimented with in terms of colour and pattern because there isn’t much going on here. Paintings or wall hangings that are one-of-a-kind. Don’t forget to coordinate the style and appearance of your seating arrangements. 


These were some simple yet stunning drawing room interior design ideas for a drawing room. They’re simple and straightforward, but they’re also intriguing. So, take your home interior design to the next level by implementing these ideas into your drawing room. I know I can’t change the interior design of the drawing room in the past, but I hope that guy sees my article one day and makes the necessary modifications in his drawing room but I’m hoping you’ll do it before he does.

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  • What are the best interior design ideas for a drawing room?

    First Impressions Matters
    All about family
    Chandelier Speaks Everything
    Houdini of Your Drawing Room
    Style in Today’s Homes
    All That Glitters is not Gold

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