20+ Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Small & Low-Traffic Websites

Best Google AdSense Alternatives:

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Caption: Best Google AdSense Alternatives
Best Google AdSense Alternatives
Caption: Google AdSense Alternatives

Although Google AdSense is one of the most lucrative and trusted online advertising platforms for small-scale website owners which offers a number of features that can be customised to suit any publisher’s needs, there are some downfalls for those who are trying to make more money by blogging, it can be hard to get accepted via Google’s application process for Google Adsense.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 20 Google AdSense alternatives which can help you diversify your revenue streams while also providing a seamless user experience. 

Reasons to find AdSense alternatives:

It’s not a secret that Google AdSense can be difficult to use for those who are inexperienced. There are many restrictions, and the payouts are much lower than what you would receive from other advertising networks. This is why it’s important to find an AdSense alternatives!

Here are some major reasons:

  • I wouldn’t recommend you to use Google AdSense if your website is low-traffic. Google AdSense is unlikely to approve most sites without any, or enough content for advertisers. The requirements seem easy to follow but are tough to make managing.
  • AdSense can be useful for those with higher traffic. Many sites are rejected from Adsense coverage, which means that there could be a good alternative for those rejections. Furthermore, many websites usually have a hard time getting approval from Google Adsense because of intake limitations and strict guidelines.
  • Obtaining such a huge amount of traffic can be difficult these days with all the new websites popping up every day. This is where the great alternatives comes into play!
  • There are so many advertiser offerings out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one. However, when you place ads on your blog, you’re bound to run into questions, and while setting it up manually isn’t too technical, that first time around is a walk in the park. Sad enough, I’ve never reached an actual human being when I wanted to contact AdSense.
  • Google AdSense requires people to follow many-many strict rules, and there is no mercy if mistakes are made. Violating any rule results in an immediate ban. There’s no such thing as a second chance with Google AdSense. Trying to circumvent any of these restrictions will just lead to a breach that gets your account banned from the program entirely, and won’t let you open a new AdSense account. 

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Some Major Types of Ads:

Text Ads:

 Google AdSense Alternatives
Google AdSense Text Ads

Google AdSense Text Ads are targeted to match the content or search phrases used by sensitive looking for your business. These Text Ads are usually found in groups, depending on the website’s layout.

Display Ads:

Google AdSense Banner Ads
Google AdSense Banner Ads

Display Ads are graphics-based and include images, headlines, body text, and other elements used to catch viewers’ attention. It comes in three major formats

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Square

In-text Ads:

In-text ads pop up when you hover over text phrases and display an image, video, or text at the same weighted as the link.

List of AdSense Alternatives:

1. PropellerAds:

PropellerAds is kind of AdSense alternatives that specializes in pop-under ads and provides standard banner ads, on-click ads, and in-banner video ads.  Furthermore they have high fill rates for tier 2 and 3 countries meaning you can generate revenue with their alternate AdSense model. Using these higher quality ads, you can expect a payout of $5 through PayPal with a low minimum count of just one impression at least. 

2. BidVertiser:

BidVertiser is another top company under AdSense alternatives which compensated publishers on a click-through and a conversion basis. It is a network of publishers that require you to bid on pages where you want your ads to appear. In the process of using their ads, BidVertiser pays you on both clicks and conversion rates. They offer a point-and-click ad builder that helps you customize the display for your site, although they use advertiser bidding rather than bidding wars. The advertiser bids set placement and where the ad is visible, with no guarantee which website is placed first, and this one we can consider bitvertiser downside.

BidVertiser pays monthly by check, wire, PayPal, and Bitcoin. The current minimum payout is $10 for Paypal, $100 for Check, or $500 with Wire.

3. RevenueHits:

RevenueHits offers online media publishers an array of ad types including banner, pop-under, sliders, top and footer style banners, buttons, and interstitials. These ads allow for geo-targeting as well as contextual placement based on user engagement. Best of all, because this is a CPA (cost per action) than CPC or CPM network (cost per click), publishers can spend less time worrying about useless clicks or impressions. 

The present model lets advertisers pay when the visitors action meets their desired criteria, which varies by advertiser. They offer payment via wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.

For both performance based campaigns along with contextual campaigns, they don’t require any minimum traffic requirement. Publishers also receive beneficial features like their proprietary anti-popblocker and desktop interstitials.

4. Popads:

PopAds is a best AdSense alternative with a variety of payment options, low minimum payments, and fast site approvals. PopAds are unders ads that are used by publishers to meet ad demands. They specialize in the delivery of these type of ads, claiming to be experts at them. One cool feature sites is site visitors can request pay outs for their revenue anytime. They use wired, PayPal, and AlertPay to process financial transactions. For any payment over $10 you have the option of PayPal or AlertPay, but wire deposits do not exceed a certain limit however. It’s also easy to get started with Pop.

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20+ Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Small & Low-Traffic Websites 5

5. Adnow:

Adnow has over 160,000 partners worldwide that you can target for revenue generation. Payments start at $20 per week, and they have several different payment types. They also guarantee safe ads through weekly monitoring. Working with Adnow ensures your appointments are vetted, virus-free, and malware-free. Publishers also get the comfort of having a personal manager to help you out with ad setup for mobile.

6. Infolinks:

With Infolinks, you can earn stable revenue and provide a positive user experience and reliable and state-of-the-art account management to publishers. Through its integration with over 350,000 blogs across 128 countries, Infolinks provides advertisers with a way to better reach their target audience. As best Adsense alternative, advertisers on the network can communicate with users when they’re most engaged as well as advertise within budget.

7. RevContent:

A newer competitor that hopes to capture market share from content recommendation giants Facebook and YouTube, Revcontent offers a wide variety of targeting capabilities. Whether geo-location, device, brand, or behavioral among others, Revcontent can identify your niche audience more accurately than any other competitor on the market that’s why it is best adsense alternatives.

Revcontent is widely recognized for its targeting capabilities, and it offers rates up to 50% more than other ad networks. The network also offers publishers with great control, better transparency, and a retargeting pixel. Currently, they have a threshold of $50 for payment terms, but offer respectable CPM rates.

8. Skimlinks:

Skimlinks is best Adsense alternative. Using Skimlinks, publishers can easily include affiliate links which result in a sustainable income. Using a global network of over 50 demand partners and 48,500 merchants, Skimlinks works with over 60K publishers around the world. For example, writers create commerce content or product reviews for this link to work with Skimlinks, while the Widget places ads for appropriate advertisers within the content.

9. AdThrive:

Adthrive also fall under best adsense alternatives. With Adthrive, publishers receive payment to display ads on their websites. One of the things to consider with this ad network is that it pays publishers on time even if advertisers do not. Another feature to consider is that Adthrive promises Cookie Coverage, meaning they promise RPM won’t drop down when third-party cookies are phased out. Publishers will only display high quality ads, which means that publishers don’t have to worry about content seen by readers. They advertise for both small and large

10. Adcash:

Adcash offers quality ads, media buyers, networks, and publishers to users by delivering real results. The platform is easy to use with minimal effort. And it has 13 years of ad-tech experience for better performance. You can also try this adsense alternatives for your website.

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11. VigLink:

VigLink is one of my favorite advertising networks and at the top in adsense alternatives for low traffic websites, because they turn any text links to products on your website into an affiliate link so you can earn commissions if your reader decides to purchase through it. Let’s say you mention one of the newest smartphone by Samsung in one post. The VigLink will see that there is a commission opportunity here, and convert it into an affiliate link. Viglink is hands down the best ad.

12. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

Although this is not directly google adsense alternatives, One way to monetize traffic is through Amazon Native Products Ad. This platform allows publishers to show native listings of products on their website. If your visitors click on the ad and go on to purchase, you will receive commission for that sale. Making money with the Amazon affiliate program is easy. You can choose any type of product to promote on your blog. Even if you link to a slow juicer and they purchase fishing equipment, you will earn money!

13. BuySellAds:

Buysellads focuses on running ads for high-quality publishers in order to generate revenue. They can serve advertisers with flexible ad formats, size, properties, flexible budget – up to the advertiser’s preference. Classified advertisements and vital written advertisements through RSS feed ads or text ads on BuySellAds. They do this by determining the overall quality of your site and factoring in any metrics such as PageRank and Alexa Score. Publishers are paid 75% of the revenue generated by their site starting only at the 100,000 pageviews minimum, and submissions must be in English. Thus if your website have 100k pageviews per month, you can use this adsense alternatives.

14. Monumetric:

Monumetric, founded in 2012, is a company who focuses on personalized customer support. They help maximize revenue and experience for the customer. This is an area in which Adsense fails miserably. Monumetric is a people company that aims to give more of a voice to small business owners, who have been overlooked by bigger competitors. 

Rebranding only recently, the company realized the name “The Blogger Network” didn’t speak to whom they could help. Monumetric provided services to bloggers specifically, but not all business owners wanted to be affiliated with a network. Monumetric prides itself on its slogan of being a people company, focusing on individualized customer support for increased revenue and experience on both sides of.

To get started with Monumetric, you need 10,000 monthly pageviews, WordPress or Blogger Styles that offer 300px wide sidebars and at least 6 ad slots for both desktop and mobile. You also need to be approved by ad providers. The one-time setup fee is $99. 

15. Setupad:

Setupad is a creative interactive ad company that can help you generate traffic and ads for your website. They charge no fees upfront, only through revenues generated from the campaigns to which you agree. if you have low-traffic website, you can try this adsense alternatives.

16. Clickadu:

Clickadu is relatively new ad network and adsense alternatives that maximizes profits through the latest technology in online advertising. Clickadu benefits publishers with high eCPMs and like mobile ads, while advertisers increase traffic with a variety of ad formats on the platform including pop-unders, banner ads, push-up ads, ect.. Tech support comes via email or Skype to answer customer queries efficiently.

17. Adversal:

Adversal is an ad platform and best adsense alternative that allows publishers full control over their inventory. They offer native, video, and display ads with an ad tag designed to protect them against common forms of ad frauds. They also comply with privacy laws like GDPR. Adversal allows publishers set their goal and help them achieve it. To use Adserval, your website must follow Adversal guidelines like – 

  • You need to own the domain
  • Have at least 50K page views per month
  • Must not be hosting any adult or illegal content
  • Not be associated with piracy, malware, or any illegal thing
  • Restriction free login

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18. Adsterra:

Adsterra is a powerful advertising platform and best adsense alternatives for small websites trusted by over 30000 partners of 248 GEOs. Because of the high traffic source and leading ads, it’s a great means for branding, products, and services. This platform provides opportunities for publishers of any size, with over US or European traffic. In addition to the higher payment rates on Adsterra comparable to Google AdSense, this network is an optimal advertising opportunity with any source of traffic.

19. EvaDav:

The push notification based EvaDav Network is a new product that provides monetization for websites and the push-notification service. EvaDav uses push notifications to tell users what happened on various manufacturers’ Official Sites, Newsletters, Offers Updates etc.

  • Evadav minimum payout is 25 dollars
  • Dedicated account manager available 24/7
  • Weekly stable payouts
  • Revenue Share model – the terms are more favorable than any CPA offer
  • Integration with plenty of trackers, such as Binom, Keitaro, BeMob, PeerClick
  • Only verified advertisers

20. Mediavine:

Mediavine is a great option for an advertising management platform and best adsense alternative, especially if you need to create and manage advertisements in the blog. Unlike networks such as Adsense, which provide ads in their capacity as arbiters and mediators, Mediavine is hands-on. From the moment it processes the ad request and throughout its stay on your blog, they handle 100% of the process. This can add up to more earnings than with other networks such as Adsense that only accepts certain brands.

Mediavine offers a number of payment methods for maximum user convenience, including PayPal. As of 2018, payments through Mediavine are powered by Tipalti and their automatic audit linkage with PayPal is just one of its many handy features.

21. Media.net:

Media.net is best adsense alternatives which gives you exclusive access to Yahoo! Bing Network. Media.net is one of the world’s largest contextual ad network boasting lots of top publishers like Forbes, ELLE, Reuters, and Good Housekeeping. Media.net offers publishers several ad styles; display ads, search ads, and mobile ads. They have access to content-driven advertisers who are looking for contextual targeting. They were the first ones to come up with server-to-server header bidding allowing publishers to maximize. Be aware that they are known for suspending accounts if any.

Media.net is a sophisticated advertisement network that only accepts applications from websites that exclusively publish content in English included the blog’s primary language. Compared to AdSense, Media.net provides a better opportunity for blogs with a high visitor count from the U.S./U.K.

Final Thoughts:

As we can see, it’s not that hard to come up with adsense alternatives. The fact is that there are many more Google AdSense alternatives than just Google AdSense, and you can get started with any of them today.

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FAQs –

  • Why should you find an AdSense alternatives?

    It’s not a secret that Google AdSense can be difficult to use for those who are inexperienced. There are many restrictions, and the payouts are much lower than what you would receive from other advertising networks. Also it can be hard to get accepted via Google’s application process for Google Adsense.

  • What are the alternatives to Google AdSense?

    PropellerAds – Best Adsense Alternatives
    Bidvertiser –  Best Adsense Alternatives
    Adnow – 
    Popads –
    Infolinks – 
    Revenuehits – 
    RevContent –
    Amazon Native Shopping Ads –
    Adcash –
    EvaDav –
    VigLink – 
    Monumetric –
    AdThrive –
    Mediavine –
    BuySellAds –
    Skimlinks –
    Setupad – 
    Clickadu –
    Adversal – 
    Adsterra – 
    Media.net – Best Adsense Alternatives

  • Can I use Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate at the same time?

    Ok, good news! You can use AdSense and Amazon affiliate ads simultaneously with little to no risk of breaking the rules. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your affiliate’s colors and formatting are different from Google’s so it is easy to determine which are AdSense and which are an affiliate. Additionally, the number of AdSense ads and affiliate ads should not exceed the original content. Generally speaking, you can only use three ads from AdSense on one page.

  • Can I use multiple ad networks in one blog?

    Yes, you can use different ad networks for effective targeting. You can test with 2 or 3 ad networks and compare which ad network provides the best revenue for traffic in certain areas of your site, then use the best performing network to maximize revenues in that area.

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