10+ Google Commands for Digital Marketers and SEOs

Google Commands for Digital Marketing –

1Email Finderintext:@gmail.com “keyword” city
2Platform Email Findersite:facebook.com “online instructor” “india” “@gmail.com”
3.gov link findersite: .gov blog
Site: .gov comments
Site: .gov forums
Site: .gov log in / create account
Site: .gov inurl:blog
4.org link finderSite: .org blog
Site: .org comments
Site: .org forums
Site: .org log in / create account
Site: .org inurl:blog
5Comment link finderkeyword “leave a reply”
6Guest Posting Finderkeyword “write for us”
7Check Website No. of Crawl Pagescache: domain.com
8To Get Specific Type of Filesfiletype: keyword.pdf
9Keyword Research“keyword forum”
“keyword” + “forum”
“keyword” + “forums”
“keyword” + “board”

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