How to Build Brand Awareness? The Ultimate Guide

A business will succeed when people recognize its brand. But creating a brand recognization is a slow and consistent process. So it will be a brainstorming process for a business to develop a successful brand. Today, I will discuss what is brand awareness and how to create it. 

Understanding the concept of brand awareness:

How to build brand awareness
How to build brand awareness

Brand awareness is a metric that shows the level of recognition of the brand. It shows how well your customers recognize your products and services. It helps improve your marketing outreach.

Brand awareness represents how well your target audience knows your brand. Brands with high awareness get termed as “trending” or “popular”. To promote your brand, it is important to establish brand awareness.

For instance, we use the term “Xerox” for every type of machine-developed photocopies of a document. But, Xerox is an American company that sells print and digital products. This is an example of how the company has developed its brand in the market. The product itself became a synonym for similar products irrespective of the brand.

Benefits of brand awareness:

  • Cultivates trust- Brand awareness facilitates building trust in the minds of your customers. Once a customer associates with your brand for a product, they are likely to shop again from your brand. So it is important to provide quality products/services as per the wants of your customers/clients. 
  • Reach target audience- Brand awareness helps develop customer loyalty. It makes your products look human. It also increases customer engagement and interaction with your brand. 
  • Brand equity- Brand equity describes a brand’s value. A brand establishes brand equity by building positive brand awareness. Brand awareness helps build invaluable brand equity. It allows your brand to become a consumer staple. 
  • Brand visibility- Brand awareness increases brand recognition and brand visibility. It will make your brand become the preference of your customers. Advertise your brand with proper strategies to promote brand visibility.
  • Brand credibility- Brand visibility helps build brand credibility. Brand credibility facilitates competitiveness in the market. Higher competition of a brand leads to increased sales and ROIs. 

Developing brand awareness:

Let’s discuss some of the major steps to develop brand awareness.

How to build brand awareness
how to increase awareness
  • Create a brand personality- You should have a strong brand to have high brand awareness. People tend to remember strong brands with good personalities. The personality of your brand should resonate with your customers.
  • Use benefits of content marketing Upload your content on social media channels. Ensure that the content is good quality and relates to your customers. The content should be engaging to increase its shareability. An increased customer engagement will increase your brand awareness.
  • Include influencer marketing- Influencers can widen your customer base. They share your blogs on their social media accounts. Identify influencers within your industry to promote your brand. The interests of your influencer should line with your organization. Their social media account will help attract a larger audience.  Read ultimate strategy about influencer marketing.
  • Use video marketing- Video marketing helps grab the attention of your target audience. The algorithms of your video content will promote your brand. Good video content will increase engagement and increase brand recognition. 
  • Media monitoring- You should know what your target audience expects from your brand. Try to build a strong relationship with your customers to stand out from the crowd. Media monitoring tools help you listen to your clients. They help you find conversations you can get involved in. Also, try to respond to every query of your customers. Social media tools help you choose the right platform for your campaigns.
  • Social media marketing Social media provides a platform to broadcast your brand. Ensure that your message reaches the right group of audience. You should choose the appropriate social media platform to share your content. Launch your campaigns keeping in mind your target audience. Find out the platform where your customers exist. Promote your personalized hashtags relevant to your brand.
  • Use customer testimonials- Customer recommendations help build band awareness. They also establish brand credibility. They even increase sales of your products and services. The success stories of your customers are a great way to increase brand recognition in your niche.
  • Focus on SEO- A well-optimized website will increase brand awareness. It will help your website rank higher on search engine pages. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs help you find the right keywords for your blogs. Include relevant keywords in your content. The faster your page loads, the higher will your organic traffic. SEO is an important tool for increasing brand awareness.
  • Create exclusive products- Word-of-Mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. Your exclusive products should reach out to every target customer. People will then find it easy to share their opinion about such a product. This will further increase brand awareness. Provide exclusive discount coupons to your customers. Also, allow them to share such coupons within their connections.
  • Use local advertising- Local advertisement helps increase brand awareness. It attracts new customers. They help you reach people where they are already getting engaged. You can serve your ads in local media. This will help your brand gain access to a larger customer base. You can customise your blogs with relevant information. You can launch niche marketing techniques to reach your target audience.
  • Event Marketing- Event marketing is a form of marketing online that can be done in different ways. It’s an effective way of building lasting relationships with customers. Learn complete event marketing & execution.


It is important to measure your brand awareness. Track your brand awareness to design your marketing strategies. Track the activities of your target audience and keep an eye on the changing trends. Be consistent in your approach to developing brand awareness. Brand awareness helps people remember your brand. Social media and influencers help share your content throughout the internet.

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