[Proven Ways] How to Increase Website Traffic in 2023?

Hoping to improve your search engine ranking? To rank higher on the search engines, you need to set up your SEO strategies appropriately. Strengthening your current marketing strategy will help you advertise more efficiently in your market. On successfully setting up your own website, you may now think of how to spread the word amongst your audience about your brand. Driving targeted audiences to the website is the foremost strategy of every business as your website is the major source of understanding your brand.  

Understanding website traffic:

increase website traffic
increase website traffic

Website traffic is the flow of visitors to your website. This is not a fixed rate and varies over time. It can be measured through SEO tools like Google Analytics, MOZ Pro, SEMrush, Google Search Console, etc. Growing website traffic helps to increase the client base of the brand.

The present market provides us with various tools to analyse traffic to our websites. Some tools are free and some are paid. Google provides free tools for this purpose.

Benefits of web traffic:

increase website traffic
increase website traffic

In this digital world, websites make it easier to communicate with existing and potential customers. Websites also help in promoting the brand, its product/ services.

A successful marketing strategy is to monitor your website traffic regularly. Website traffic is a very important concept as:

  • More traffic means more potential customers, i.e. number of visitors to your website is directly proportional to the number of opportunities for your brand awareness and recognition.
  • The higher the traffic, the higher is the leads generates, thus building connections. Enhanced relationships will boost your overall sales and thus help your business grow. 
  • Website traffic helps in knowing the target audience and assessing the real activity of the customers.
  • Web traffic helps in keeping a check on advertising campaigns. It thus increases the conversion rate and leads to a higher return on investment.  
  • Higher traffic will boost your search engine rankings. 
  • Website traffic is an indicator used by many search engines like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Bing, etc. to determine your web relevancy.   

There are generally 3 types of traffic:

increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Traffic that is controllable by you – This is the type of traffic where you spend money to generate website traffic for you. Some examples are advertising through PPC, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. You take control over the amount of traffic by modifying your ad spending or the exact page where you want the ads to show up.   
  • Traffic earned by you – If you go for paid ads then you need to put in more effort and earn traffic. Sources for such paid traffic are social networking sites, social media networking, SEM, etc. This type of traffic cannot be controlled.
  • Traffic that you own – Organic traffic is not predictable. This includes your SEO approach, email lists through which you can get in touch with your customers, resulting in traffic generation at an extremely low cost.

Measuring website traffic: 

increase website traffic
increase website traffic

An unmeasured website becomes outdated for the user. Lack of web regulation will ultimately detach your business from the market. So with the help of certain indicators, you can regularly check your website traffic.

  • Time spent on a website – It is the average time a user spends on your website. 
  • Unique page views – It is the number of times a user views a particular page.
  • Pageviews – It is the number of pages viewed by the user in every visit.
  • Action taken – It is the number of visitors taking action on your website. Action on the website may be proceeding with payment, subscribing to a newsletter, re-sharing of your posts/ blogs, etc.     

Sources of website traffic: 

increase website traffic
best ways to increase traffic to your website

Let us look at some types of website traffic.

  • Organic – Organic traffic gets to your website through outside sources and increases brand recognition and improves SEO. Some examples of organic traffic are blog articles, unpaid reviews, media mentions, etc. These feature your brand on their post and include a link to your website. 
  • Referral – In referral traffic, people enter your website by clicking on a link from another site like a forum/ post/ blog. Participating in active link building activities like guest blogging can increase referral traffic.  
  • Email marketing – To measure the success of an email campaign, you can track the number of visitors coming to your website through your messages. An efficient email marketing strategy includes data about click on links, delivery rate, total clicks and others.  
  • Direct – It is the most common form of website traffic. Google Analytics believes that direct traffic can generate a 50% increase in visitors. They are generally customers who know you well and actively look out for you in the market. Direct traffic relies on brand awareness as it originates from people who already know you.     
  • Social media marketing Website traffic through social media networks is very active these days. Getting deeper into the data on clicks and interactions can give you a clear indication of traffic on your various social media posts.   
  • Affiliate Marketing Google Analytics does not officially measure affiliate marketing traffic, but it can also help in boosting up your website traffic. You just need a comrade who can promote your brand through his network. In return, the affiliate can be awarded in the form of money.   
  • Offline traffic – Generally website traffic comes from digital channels. But visitors may come to your website through offline sources too. Certain web analytic programs like HubSpot, allow you to identify traffic that has arrived at your site through offline channels.

After knowing the target audience, the next step is to drive traffic to your website. The motto behind attracting traffic is to convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

10+ Best Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Ways to increase your website traffic:

  • Run keyword research to increase website traffic- Include relevant keywords into your articles/ blogs regularly. Keywords should be smartly used and not in bulk which would make the article keyword stuffed. Relevant keywords may be included in the page title, URL, headers and meta description. There are many tools which allow you to do keyword research to find relevant keywords like Keyword Planner, SEMrush, etc. Hiring an SEO agency will offer you valuable insights to pinpoint your flaws which restrict you from being shown up in search engines.  
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Create memorable content Creating content that would be overwhelming to the reader will generate much traffic. Website traffic may be increased by providing relevant content. Your content should be easily accessed by the user so as to provide genuine and accurate information. Providing relevant content to your target audience is a great way to increase website traffic.
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Use advertisements as a medium to drive traffic – Advertising through paid search, display ads, social media ads, etc. can drive in website traffic efficiently. 
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Community engagement – To drive more website traffic you have to make people know more about you. The higher your brand recognition, the higher will be your website traffic. You can plan an engagement strategy by participating in various discussions on social media channels, attending questionnaires on public forum websites and being socially active.
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Send newsletters through email – Promoting your blog/ article through newsletters is an effective way to drive in more traffic. You can include a link/button in your newsletters so that the subscriber can get access to other content. Also, ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly.
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Put up guest articles – Guest blogging on other websites is an effective way of generating backlinks, increasing referral traffic and increasing SERP rankings.  
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Create useful content Make relevant information for your industry readily available and distribute them free of cost. This is an excellent way of providing value to your prospects which will ultimately yield you more visitors. You can promote your content on relevant Linkedin groups or industry forums to drive traffic to your website. Bill Gates said, “Content is King”. It’s a relevant quote as content can create or damage your online presence. Creating useful content will establish a strong relationship between your business and the target audience. 
Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
  • Reach out to influencersThese days industry experts are keen to share useful knowledge with their followers. An industry can engage its business with influencers through sponsored postings, etc. 
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • Invest in link building – Link building is an effective way of generating organic traffic to your website, and a specialized link building agency can assist with this process. You just need to lay down an on-page SEO strategy with quality content and a better user experience. Link building, whether done in-house or through a link building agency, helps you acquire hyperlinks from other websites to your own.
increase website traffic
increase website traffic
  • On-page SEOSearch Engine Optimization is a good way to increase your website traffic. It exposes your brand through search results. A good SEO ranking will increase your chances of getting more audiences organically. Your content can be optimised for better search results on Google.
On-Page SEO Checklist - Website SEO Optimization
  • Keep an eye on analytics – Analytics are a vital element of digital marketing. Analytics data provides detail about your business and also about the status of your marketing strategies. There are many free analytics tools available in the market like Google Analytics, Basic social media analytics, etc.  
Analytics Analysis
Analytics Analysis to increase website traffic


Taking steps after reading this article will surely help you in increasing your website traffic. Keeping your website updated with unique and relevant articles will drive more traffic for your website organically. Digital marketing thus can help greatly in increasing your website traffic. The quest for website traffic should be an end in itself, your goal should be to have more customers and let your business grow.

FAQs related to website traffic:

  • What do you mean by search traffic? 

    Search traffic also called organic traffic is the number of people who visit your website by clicking on the link found on search engine pages.

  • How do I check my website’s organic traffic?

    You can rely on free tools like Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, Alexa, etc. to check your website’s organic traffic.

  • How do I get organic traffic faster to a website?

    Search engine traffic takes time to build. Thus organic traffic cannot grow faster.

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