Interior Design Career: Scope, Demand, and Opportunities

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Interior Design Career: Scope, Demand, and Opportunities

Curious about a career in Interior design? If you aren’t sure how to start? then read this article till the end to find out all about interior designing — its career, its demand, scope, and ways to be a professional in this industry. 

interior design career
Interior design career

Know about Interior Design:

Interior Design is the art and science of enhancing the spaces specifically to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone. It is the platform of experiencing the vastness of design by exploring places and areas in shaping them with beauty. Related to building a foundation, an interior design career also involves designing ordinary-made spaces to a designer and pleasant space with comfortable nature. 

To bring all the designs into account, an interior designer is equipped with a professional degree in interior designing and knows colors, fabrics, textiles & furniture. 

Here comes the scope of this profession— 

The scope in this field has grown significantly. The modern era calls for a sorted life that doesn’t play with a tight schedule. To ease the pain a profession is highly recommended. These hitches make the profession of an Interior Designer sought in the country today. 

The market trends show the demand for an interior designer; however, the career options are in the individual’s hands and need to be taken very seriously. Having an interest in a similar industry can provide growth and development in a limited amount of time. 

People with a day to day busy schedules rely on professionals to design and achieve a comfortable, functional, and happy place for their living. This gives another way to understand the scope of the basic demand of an Interior Design career. 

Another great reason can sum up with a rising price of the property. An increased rate of the property allows the owners to take up small spaces, remodel them as per the client’s requirement with a solution of rearranging the space crisis. 

Apart from these points, there are many other reasons to join a profession which adds efficiency in the living style of mankind. A little expense in the design can give the benefit of living in a modern home or increase the potential of the home as a whole. 

Coming to the demands of the field—-

The field is a growth-related profile. There has been an exponential spike in business. Market research is done and growth is marked in the next 5 years all over the country. The statistics show the market valued more than 10,000 crore INR and similarly, the jobs relating to the industry are estimated to increase by 20% in the next decade. And the next research which was conducted on the count of the designers in the country has shocking numbers. An estimation is pulled and the numbers of professionals are seen equivalent to the number of designers. Though a large group of designers works for various other platforms. 

The need for the Interior designer in the market can be directly understood by the demand of the profession. Significant growth is already present but more is on the queue. 

Pros in the profession—

  • Growth prospects
  • High demand
  • The creative line of work
  • Flexible schedule
  • Financial freedom

Cons in the profession—

  • No fixed clientele
  • No fixed earning 
  • Pressure from the clients
  • Upgradation in self-knowledge 
  • Requires attention to details

Qualification required:

  1. A great platform that allows any creative and passionate person with basic knowledge of designing properties can also join an interior design career. 
  1. Basic intermediate completion in any stream with a minimum of 50% marks is required to pursue a graduation course in interior design. 
  1. AIEED – A test for an undergrad program for the interested candidates. Qualifying the All India entrance examination for design and getting selected by the AIR ( All India Rank). 
  1. Regular completion of Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc) in the same degree. To be in an Interior Design career a B.Sc with the relevant subject from a recognized university would be helpful. 
  1.  Diploma: Individuals who can apply to a course after 10+2 with equivalent 50% marks can opt for a diploma. 
  1.  An individual can also opt for an M.Sc if he/ she wants to pursue full-time higher education in the field. 
  1. MBA in the relevant field: A 2-year program after a graduation degree can be a good option. Provided the course has to be from a recognized university with a minimum of 45% marks.

Where to find similar jobs?

With the growing population in the country, there grows a need for jobs as well. Jobs in any professional career are mostly dependent on the market and demand of the necessary field. Here is the good news —- with a gradual increase in population, there are increases in the need for individual homes or businesses. With a business or commercial market place it has to be specific and designed perfectly well for a profitable outcome. Similar ways home if designed and maintained well can give a lot of benefits in the future. 

To look for jobs in the Interior Design career in India, you can visit the famous job portals like, Indeed, Monster, Linkedin, etc. Even some famous construction-related Companies continuously look for designers, 3D Designer, Architect. 

Looking for the best interior designer firm —— Meet & Hire The Best Interior Designers In Delhi

Roles and responsibilities in the job —

A profession that allows a varied specialty can have different areas of interest. 


Residential, commercial, Exhibition Design, Lighting, Kitchen Design. 

Major Responsibilities:

  • For a residential — Mostly oriented with the styling of homes, circling the client needs and their requirements, managing spaces into a fully functional home, for themes — unique, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable designs are welcomed. 
  • For a commercial — Mostly focused on designing workspaces, retail stores, hotels, any commercial places, to provide feasibility along with visual aesthetic. The areas are mostly focused on clients and customers’ comfortable access, hence keeping the requirement in the center, a plan is made. 
  • For Exhibition — Mostly focused on venue designs, layout planning for exhibition, museum and floor management, and designs. 
  • For lighting —- Most engaged in the luminaries, shades, light fittings, creating effects. Lighting is a very important part of designing a simple home or a giant commercial space. A Professional would ensure proper lighting in the plan. 
  • For Kitchen — Designing a kitchen for a home or commercial area needs lots of enthusiasm as the important methods are concepts, proper planning, and executing kitchen interiors. 

What is the skill set required for the job?

  1. An interior designer must have basic knowledge in Technical grounds. 
  2. Must have a good communication ability. It is a part of their job to communicate with great efficiency. 
  3. They must be able to shove any problem for an effective process. Prioritizing tasks and troubleshooting. 
  4. The professionals must be agile and proactive with critical thinking ability. 
  5. Must be able to provide Budgeting and clear ideas on the expenses. 
  6. Must be able to work promptly and complete projects on time with the assigned budget. 
  7. To have good spatial awareness, a designer has to understand and respond to a change in position when needed. 
  8. Must be open to any change and possibility.
  9. Great creative skills and ability to dynamically bring change in a simple space. Must have skills of creative mindset. 
  10. A professional with the above skills must be able to possess agility. 

Top Companies to Follow:

To know more about the Interior Design career and options relating to a similar profession, check these top 10 companies of India. 

Hotel Interior Design by HSAA
  1. Acme Interiors
  2. HSAA
  3. Carafina
  4. Spacewood
  5. The Karighars
  6. Brawn Globus
  7. Space Matrix
  8. Urban India Designs
  9. Monnaie
  10. Dream Space India

The profession of an Interior designer is driven by the urban culture and it is enhanced by the social medical trends and customs. People now believe to think in creative spaces. Aesthetics and function run hand in hand in the design. Concluding with all the facts, the Interior Design career option is one of the best options.  


  • Why choose an Interior design career?

    Choosing a professional career in the same industry can have its perks. It is a profession involving a lifestyle with fast-paced urbanization. 

  • How do the professionals work? 

    An interior professional brings up the plush features in a home or office or commercial space. A fully functional space needs a lot of research, concepts, creativeness, different perspectives, altogether and efficient planning. They work alongside architects, engineers, observers, decorators, and builders to plan the property as per the external stakeholder.

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