How to Create Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business?

Linkedin Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Brief historical overview:

Linkedin was founded by Reid Hoffman, members from PayPal & in December 2002. It was launched on May 5, 2003, as an American business and employment online service provider through the website and mobile apps. Since December 2016, Linkedin has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft

Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Linkedin Marketing Solution

Features of Linkedin:

It is a platform for professional marketing and exploring different career opportunities. It allows job seekers to post their resumes and employers to post their job vacancies. It also facilitates users to organize offline events, publish articles/ posts on various niche sites, post images, and videos, etc. Along with being a medium for communication, LinkedIn has also emerged as an effective marketing tool. On proper execution, it can help you build brand awareness and generate sales for your business. A sturdy LinkedIn marketing strategy would make your business successful and help you build better brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate quality leads, and so on.

Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Linkedin Marketing Strategy for Small Business

To set up a profile for your business you have to first understand what LinkedIn marketing is!

Understanding LinkedIn marketing:

LinkedIn marketing is basically the use of the platform to market your business/ company. LinkedIn allows you to segment your target audience easily. This social media tool exposes your business to millions of connections in the LinkedIn platform which can help you build relationships with other companies and boost your brand.  

Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Linkedin Marketing Strategies: Source – Hubspot

Importance of LinkedIn marketing:

LinkedIn is a professional social media network and its communities involve business-oriented and career-oriented individuals. The presence of relevant audiences is the reason for quicker business decision-making. LinkedIn helps you focus on specific target audiences more efficiently. Studies reveal that business marketing through LinkedIn can generate 277% more leads on average than those generated in other social networks. LinkedIn accounts for 80% of B2B lead generation. LinkedIn has emerged as the top choice for professionally relevant content with 91% of executives choosing the platform.

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Learn how to create an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for generating leads:

Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Best Linkedin Marketing Strategy 2022

LinkedIn marketing strategies: 

  • Determine your goals – The articles/ blogs to be published by you depend on your basic objective. So it’s very important to determine goals. Your goals may be to build brand awareness/ generate leads/ engage with the target audience/ sell your product and services or any other. Then you need to define your target audience. 
  • Define target audience – Your target audience may be defined on the basis of job title/ geographical location/ niche/etc. On defining the target audience, then you need to understand them. Use analytics in your Company page to understand the followers and visitors of your page. This will help you enroute your marketing tactics towards fulfilling the needs of your target audience.
  • Turn your company page into a lead-generating page – Your LinkedIn company page is the primary asset of your LinkedIn marketing strategy and the first communication medium for your target audience to interact with your brand. So it should contain all information regarding your brand, your brand logo, website URL, etc. You may add a captivating profile image that is relevant to your brand. An updated company page will enhance your brand value. Being a consistent content sharer, will help your brand gain credibility and increase audience engagement.

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  • Fabricate your bio section – Your LinkedIn bio speaks a lot about you and your brand. It is a tricky task to write a bio. The starting statement should be catchy and encourage the reader to go further. Add a CTA at the end including your contact details. A good bio will get you a lot of audiences who would like to contact you for sales.
  • Include optimization features to your page – Your LinkedIn page should be optimized for better search and higher visibility. Optimization can be done by:
Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Best Linkedin Marketing Strategies
  • Using relevant keywords identify terms & phrases that are likely to be used by your target audience during their searches and use them smartly in your company description.
  • Include links to your site – provide links to your LinkedIn profile either on your website, social media profiles, blogs, etc. Also, encourage your employees to add your company as their employer in their LinkedIn profile to boost your inbound link profile.
  • Publish relevant content – frequently uploading and sharing relevant content allows them to be indexed by Google. This will improve your search engine rankings.
  • Look over your competitor’s page – LinkedIn provides a feature of “companies to track” which tells about lists of companies similar to yours. It also provides some metrics like the number of followers, follower statistics, audience engagement, etc. Looking into these pages will help you rank your own page in comparison with your competitor’s page.
Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Linkedin Marketing Strategy for Business
  • Grow your customer base – After optimizing your page, you should encourage people to follow it. Brand visibility is very important to generate leads. A higher number of followers will further increase the credibility of your company. One of the best ways is to ask your employees and co-workers to follow your company page. You may also encourage your existing customers and collaborations to follow you.

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  • Build a network – it can be done by getting involved in conversations and launching various groups. Further, publish and share relevant content with images related to it to get more engagement.
  • Design content which shows your expertise and personality – Expertise does not mean having advanced knowledge on any topic. Share the knowledge you have, it might be something that the reader does not know. The little details in your process are what makes you superior to everyone else. The main goal of your strategy should be to convince the customer that you are the best option.  
Linkedin Marketing Strategies
Linkedin Marketing Strategy for B2B
  • Inclusion of catchy elements – include descriptive captions, attractive images, appropriate emojis, bullet points, etc. in your updates. This would grab more attention as compared to the traditional text-based articles. Including a relevant hashtag is another efficient way to increase your site’s visibility.

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  • Use images and videos – Grab the attention of your audiences. As per LinkedIn sources, images generate a higher rate of comments and videos generate almost 5 times more conversation rate. LinkedIn allows uploading of videos directly onto its platform. So you can directly upload your videos rather than share a youtube link.

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  • Maintain a diary of events – To increase engagement in your website, you have to publish at regular intervals. So prepare and maintain a diary containing various events like scheduling when to post the content, what type of content to post. Keep an eye on the market trends and understand when your audience goes online for more time so as to post your content at times to get maximum traction. Analyse the Click-Through Rates in your company page and note down the time when it peaks. this LinkedIn strategy will attract more audience and followers.
  • Automate your features – To build more connections, it is very important to reach out to other connections. A manual process of outreach can be a time-consuming task. Instead, you can automate your process of reaching out, using various tools like Expandi, Lempod, LinkedIn sales navigator, Phantombuster, and others. Such tools basically automate the process of endorsing your prospects and sending them personalized messages.
  • Post LinkedIn ads with reference to your goals – The LinkedIn platform has created a base to grow brand awareness, build communities and push action. B2B marketers are incorporating LinkedIn advertising into their marketing strategies and have found it very efficient.
  • Fatten your email marketing LinkedIn lets you send personalised messages to 50 people at a time. You can send a message thanking every connection of yours through personalised messages. You may also invite them to join your email marketing list. Ask them to sign up for your email by adding a direct link. 
  • Re-post your most favored content On occasions when you are out of ideas, you can re-share your popular content. To find out your top-performing post, you can head to the analytic sections of your webpage. Due to the complex encryption, very few people would have noticed your posts in the feed.   
  • Keep tabs on statistics of the web traffic – People might visit your website/ blogs by clicking on the link provided by you in the content you share. But they might just read the content and leave without filling out any form on your landing page. This will lead to the loss of such leads. So to keep track of such leads, it’s crucial to keep tabs on the website traffic.
LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
  • Wrap up your own profile – You can speak to your target audience through a well-thought summary page. Write in the first person and use complete statements on the summary page. People prefer to connect with the person on LinkedIn before buying his/her product/service. Grab this opportunity to introduce yourself well to your prospects. Include contact information at the end and make it easy for people to reach you out.
  • Use the multi-language feature – Create descriptions of your website in various languages to reach customers of other regions. LinkedIn allows customization of your posts in 40+ different languages. Such a description would appear for every member on setting language preference by them. Even your company name can appear in different languages.  
LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Winding up:

LinkedIn offers grabbing and sharing of knowledge on various niches. So for successful LinkedIn marketing, optimize your LinkedIn profile well to attract the target audience. Share practical advice and use stories to connect with your target audience. LinkedIn is a professionalism-centric platform, so showing up your authenticity is what will make your business succeed. Using the above-mentioned techniques you can grow your network effectively and get connected with your intended audience because proper and well-thought LinkedIn marketing strategies can help you drive sales and build a brand name.   

FAQs related to Linkedin Marketing:

  • What is LinkedIn marketing strategy?

    A LinkedIn marketing strategy refers to tactics used in creating a successful business on the platform.

  • Why LinkedIn Marketing is important?

    Studies reveal that business marketing through LinkedIn can generate 277% more leads on average than those generated in other social networks. LinkedIn accounts for 80% of B2B lead generation. LinkedIn has emerged as the top choice for professionally relevant content with 91% of executives choosing the platform.

  • How do I increase my followers on LinkedIn?

    The following steps can help you increase followers on LinkedIn: 

    1. Complete and optimize your page for better search results
    2. Create a diary of content events
    3. Share your content frequently with relevant material
    4. Use LinkedIn ads to outreach connections
    5. Use 100 free invitation credits each month on the business page to get more followers 

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