How to Perform Outlook Convert OST to PST?

OST & PST are famous file formats of Microsoft Outlook. Many Outlook users look for reliable and easy ways to convert OST file to PST and find it impossible to perform such tasks without any tech help. Some users have queries such as how to open OST file in Outlook 2016? So to help such users, we will make users aware of the reliable techniques to perform Outlook Convert OST to PST. Here we have listed three effective Manual methods for you and a professional approach using OST to PST software. The tool is totally safe and highly recommended by experts in this field. But before that, let us know the reasons to export ost file.

outlook convert ost to pst
Outlook convert ost to pst

Reasons to import OST file into Outlook:

Given below are the reasons why users import ost to outlook 365:

  • To protect your data when a situation like MS Exchange server crashes occurs.
  • Users convert OST file to PST when they want to transfer data from one system to another 
  • To create a backup of your crucial data, we convert files to PST file format.
  • To ensure you don’t lose any data in case of accidental deletion.

We have already seen some reasons why users convert Outlook OST file. Now let’s look at the Manual approaches to execute Outlook Convert OST to PST one by one.

Manual processes to import OST to Outlook 365:

We have three useful procedures to perform Outlook convert OST to PST

We will learn these manual methods and their steps in the below context. The three techniques are: 

  1. Using Import/Export Technique 
  2. Employing Archive Method
  3. Making use of the Drag and Drop option

We have given a step-by-step to make the task of conversion easy. You can check these methods and opt for the best suitable method according to you. Note that you need to download and install MS Outlook on your system to start these manual methodologies. Now, let’s check the first method below.

Method 1: Using Import/Export Technique:

The first method includes using Outlook Import and Export option. To know how to do conversion with this method, check the below steps.

  1. To start, Open MS Outlook on your PC.
  2. Click on File and then choose Open & Import.
  3. Now click on Import/ Export
  4. In the Import and Export Wizard, tap on Export to a file and hit Next.
  5. After that, opt for Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next to proceed. 
  6. Now select the folder from where you want to export data, select Include subfolders, and press the Next button.
  7. Now browse the destination of the resultant file, and select/ deselect options as per your need.
  8. To start the export process, click Finish.
  9. After that, you will get the choice to password-protect the new PST file. You can set a password or skip it and proceed.

You can follow the above steps to accomplish Outlook convert OST to PST. If you want to try other methods then check our next method below.

Method 2: Employing Archive Method:

This method is done with the help of the Archive function. The steps to import ost to outlook 365 are as follows.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Now go to File and choose Options
  3. After that, Find Advanced and then click Auto archive settings.
  4. Now set the number of days for running the Auto Archive process, and pick the folder to save the new file.
  5. Select/ deselect the options as per your need and tap Ok to proceed further.
  6. Now after some time, your OST files will convert to PST files.

The above method is also efficient for converting Outlook ost file. For better results follow the procedure as mentioned. If you find difficulty in this process then check our Drag and drop method below.

Method 3: Making use of the Drag and Drop option:

This process involves making a new PST file and using the drag and drop approach to export OST file.

  1. Open MS Outlook on your Laptop or PC.
  2. Go to New Items and choose the option More Items.
  3. Now select Outlook data file to move further.
  4. After that, provide a file name, enter the password for the PST file, and hit Ok.
  5. It will create a new PST file, Now drag and drop files and items manually to the PST file.

You can use the above method to Outlook convert OST to PST. However, this method cant drag contact and inbox files to PST. In the same way, the other manual methods are effective in converting OST file to PST. But there are some barriers to Manual techniques that users generally face. Let us discuss some issues of Manual approaches in the below context.

Issues while using Manual Methods:

Many users complained about problems while applying manual tricks. Given below are some of the primary issues users face:

  •  Unable to convert corrupt OST files.
  •  It is a lengthy procedure and takes a lot of time.
  • Manual methods are risky and may lead to corruption and data loss.
  • Non-tech users may find steps complicated and may find themself stuck while performing manual steps.
  • The manual approach is not good when trying to export large data files.

We have learned three manual approaches to export OST files and the limitations of manual ways. Now we will move towards the professional way in the next paragraph.

Professional Method to Convert OST file to PST:

Method 4: Using a professional Approach:

If you are not satisfied with the manual ways, you can use the professional method. It includes using a safe and reliable utility OST to PST Converter for conversion. The tool is easy to use and risk-free, and novices can also use it. It import OST file into Outlook PST with all mail items and attachments. It can convert OST to PST and other file formats such as PDF, MBOX, EML, TXT, HTML, etc. It can export single or multiple files at once without any complications. It also provides a trial version that converts 50 email files for free. Finally, let’s conclude the whole write-up in a few lines to reconsider what we learned here.


Here we have suggested the best reliable and efficient ways to achieve Outlook convert OST to PST. We have listed three manual techniques and step-by-step processes for easy conversion. However, these manual ways have some issues. Thus we move towards the professional methodology. Finally, I recommend users to go for the Professional technique because this method is safe and easy. 

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outlook convert ost to pst

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  • How to Perform Outlook Convert OST to PST?

    Here we have listed three effective Manual methods for you and a professional approach using OST to PST software. The tool is totally safe and highly recommended by experts in this field.

    Method 1: Using Import/Export Technique
    Method 2: Employing Archive Method
    Method 3: Making use of the Drag and Drop option
    Method 4: Using a professional Approach

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