RankMath Vs Yoast SEO Comparison 2023: Which One Is Best for SEO?

RankMath Vs Yoast SEO

Before deciding which one is the best in RankMath vs Yoast comparison 2023, let us first understand what are their works. Basically, both RankMath and Yoast are WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins.

An SEO plugin tells the search engine, what the website’s page is all about. The page title and meta description of a page are very important for any website. Both meta description and page title appears in the search results.

With the help of an SEO plugin, users can easily include metadata on every page of their site. But just adding an SEO plugin will not help to improve the website’s search engine rankings. Further few more elements should be included like title tag, meta description, keywords and content headings (H1s, H2s). SEO plugins are tools created to do complete SEO for a blog or a website by adding features and options like sitemaps, content insights, audit checklists, etc. to optimize the website and on-page SEO. 

Yoast SEO is a well known and most popular plugin since the beginning of WordPress, but not the only one. RankMath, being introduced lately, has gained good popularity among users due to the vast number of features it offers.

Rankmath vs yoast
Rankmath vs Yoast



It was lately launched in 2018 by a WordPress development team of My Theme Shop. It helps to optimize the posts on your site and website as well for a higher ranking. It has an automatic & manual configuration, i.e., upon verification of your site settings, it will suggest to you the best settings for better performance. It is technically an All-in-One SEO package.


It was launched in 2010 by J.De.Valk, an SEO consultant. It makes sure that your page meets the best standards of SEO. Yoast SEO increase the website ranking by guiding through important SEO tasks on a regular basis. It helps a visitor to bypass dead links. The user can preview his own page before sharing it on various platforms so that optimization can be done to the maximum extent. It gets integrated with powerful platforms like Semrush, Wincher, Elementor, Zapier and more for better optimization of a page. 

RankMath Vs Yoast SEO Features:

While talking about RankMath vs Yoast SEO Comparison 2023, RankMath offers more features in its free version as compared to its competitor Yoast. Let us find out how.

Keyword optimization: Focuses on keyword optimization of multiple words/ phrases up to 5Focuses on keyword optimization of a single word/ phrase at a time
Interlink recommendations In premium version
Redirect manager: add and manage 301 and 302 redirectsIn premium version
Google Analytics tracking code is added In premium version
Automatically adds different forms of Schema like FAQs, video, image, review and others.In premium version
Free version in RankMath Vs Yoast SEO

Let us now discuss the premium features of both to decide who stands out in the race of RankMath vs Yoast SEO comparison 2023.

Redirect manager is available in a free version to Add and manage 301 and 302 redirect 
Keyword ranking: Ranking and performance of your keywords in the keyword search engine over the last 12 consecutive months can be viewed.Not Applicable
in free version up to 5Focus on multiple keywords and key phrases
Sitemaps of google news, google video SEO can be created Not Applicable
User can automatically watermark his social media images Not Applicable
In free versionKeeps your site up-to-date by deleting outdated links and redirecting to others sources on your website 
In free versionAllows one to preview their posts on social media platforms
In free versionSuggests automatic internal linking to make your posts more credible
Predetermined structural data can be used. Not Applicable
Complete SEO auditingNot Applicable
Premium version in RankMath Vs Yoast SEO

Ease of usage:

In the competition of Rank Math SEO vs Yoast, both have an easy set-up process. So regarding set-up, to decide which stands out better will depend on one’s personal preferences. In the setup wizard, both have a similar configuration process

RankMath – In the setup wizard following shall be configured

  • Basic structured data
  • XML sitemap
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Google search console, and other webmaster tools

Ongoing through the search wizard, it will direct you to choose if u want to set up advanced settings.

Yoast – Like RankMath, here also there is a setup wizard for configuration that has to be launched from the WordPress toolbar. The Yoast SEO dashboard includes some tips/ suggestions to remove potential issues with your website. Like RankMath, the Yoast also provides the option to remove and disable features which are not required anymore.   

Content Analysis:

The Yoast SEO provides multiple options and guidelines to improve your content, whereas RankMath provides only certain setting options like content clarity and title readability.

However, recently Rankmath launched the Content AI feature, which provides the score of content and auto keyword suggestions. This feature completely works on AI and provide free use for up to 5 credits. Before this Rankmath’s feature, Yoast was a clear winner but currently, Rankmath is a clear winner in terms of content analysis.

Rankmath vs yoast
Content AI in RankMath

Winner: RankMath

Keyword optimization:

Keyword optimization is the basis of SEO.

Comparing the free versions of both, RankMath free version allows up to 5 keywords but the free version of Yoast allows only a single keyword for content. While analyzing the keywords, both SEO plugins provide scores to compare your content based on specific suggestions. But here, there is again there is a difference, that the SEO scoring of RankMath is better than the scoring of Yoast SEO.

Winner: RankMath

Image optimization:

RankMath allows bulk image optimization for free if you haven’t used alt tags, captions and titles in many images. On the other hand, for bulk image optimization, you need to use the premium version of Yoast SEO.

Winner: RankMath

Redirect Manager:

The user’s website may contain some errors or unused links which shows as “page not found”. Such dead links need to be redirected to the new URL for resolution. Yost SEO provides the feature of redirect manager but only on premium versions, which the user needs to buy. RankMath SEO provides the same feature but in its free version, that is, the user does not need to pay for this feature.

Winner: RankMath


Both RankMath and Yoast sell their free versions along with certain basic features on WordPress.org. along with that they also sell the premium versions which provides more features and add-ons. Looking at the pricing in RankMath vs Yoast, RankMath stands out as:

The highest version of RankMath is cheaper than a higher version of Yoast.

RankMath offers unlimited licensed web pages on its premiums version but Yoast does not offer unlimited web pages on its premium version. 

RankMath provides a single page premium package whereas Yoast offers multiple premium packages, which becomes a bit complicated for the user to choose. 

Though the lower pricing of RankMath might change in future, the pricing of Yoast might remain the same in future also. 

Winner: RankMath

User interface:

The Yoast SEO, being widely used since long has a very traditional style, which might not attract the user. It does not provide wide colour contrast options, even though it has easy configuration settings. On the other hand, RankMath has a modern interface with wide and prominent configuration options. It has nice colour combinations for an attractive outlook. 

Winner: RankMath


RankMath has a faster speed, is lightweight, also installs fewer files on the WordPress dashboard. Yoast SEO is less fast than RankMath. It adds bulk to the user’s website. The user gets a large number of files on installation to his site.

Rankmath vs yoast SEO
Rankmath vs Yoast SEO

Winner: RankMath

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Understanding of web:

Schema.org is an essential tool for search engines to know your page well. It helps to display your website result with additional information in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

RankMath provides the option to customize the schema type of a user webpage, like books, articles, courses, products, events and more. 

Yoast SEO also provides schema data structured contents, but in their premium plan only.

So, both RankMath and Yoast SEO provide the integrated schema for search engine optimization. The difference is one is provided free or another is paid.

Winner: RankMath

Google search ranking:

This is to verify the authenticity of your website. Yoast SEO provides a general tool which links you to the “Google Search Console” page. RankMath also provides a similar technique to verify the authenticity of your website. As an additional advantage over Yoast SEO. The RankMath SEO provides a simpler approach to link with the search console. Being on the WordPress dashboard, the user can search his data. The authorization code will simply be available on your GSC account. 

So, regarding the ease of the process of Google Search Console, RankMath stands as a winner.

Winner: RankMath

Customer support:

RankMath SEO provides 24/7 customer assistance, but usually their response and revert are slow. Yoast SEO provides customer assistance only for paid users. Although the database of Yoast has many knowledge-based articles and content. 

Winner: Yoast SEO

RankMath Vs Yoast SEO Comparison: According to RankMath

RankMath vs Yoast Features

More features you can find by going through this link – RankMath VS Yoast Features

Premium Plan of RankMath Vs Yoast SEO:

RankMath offers many premium features of Yoast SEO is for free. Also, RankMath is too cost-effective as compared to Yoast SEO.

RankMath Premium Plan:

RankMath premium Plan
RankMath premium Plan

Yoast Premium Plan:

Yoast premium plan
Yoast premium plan


We have now seen that RankMath SEO is a winner in a maximum of the categories. Though, as a newcomer and due to its more features, you might get confused.

Whereas Yoast has a lesser number of features, that’s why the setup process of Yoast is a bit simple for beginners as compared to Rankmath. though it has some important features available only in the premium version. 

We hope you found this article useful for clearing your doubts about both the SEO plugins. It is always upon the user to choose which plugin is more useful. 

rankmath SEO dashboard
Rankmath SEO Dashboard

If you are satisfied with our recommendations for choosing between RankMath and Yoast SEO plugins, then please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

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  • Is rank Math good for SEO?

    Rankmath is an SEO tool that provides multiple functions to perform beyond basic on-page optimization. From optimizing web pages to automating blog content, RankMath has covered.

  • Why RankMath is the best plugin as compared to Yoast SEO?

    The main difference between RankMath and Yoast SEO plugins are, RankMath offers many premium features of Yoast SEO is for free.

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