12 Rules an Interior Decorator Never Forgets

Rules an interior decorator never forgets

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When you master something, there are some rules or principles which you always keep in mind. The same thing goes for good interior designing as well.

Now, let us understand the top rules that every interior decorator needs to keep in mind. 

Rules that come naturally to an interior designer

rules an interior decorator never forgets
Rules an interior decorator never forgets

1. A decorating style

Style and error technique helps in solving the dilemma. For an interior decorator, style and error technique means you keep making repeated and varied attempts until you’re able to find a design style that feels right. This technique continues throughout an interior designer’s career. Every time you work on something as an interior designer, you’ll be compelled to reinvent and experiment with your ideas on interior design. Strangely enough, applying this technique is fun!

2. Creating a design brief

Every interior designer follows a process. The process starts with the design brief or, in other words, a long wishlist by the client. A design brief is said to be a good one if its focus is completely on the outcome of the design. It includes all elements, requirements, ideas on the budget, and timeline.

It is more convenient if you prepare a design brief room by room.

3. Making good use of samples

Samples come very handy for interior decorators at the initiation of a project, as they represent all the possible options and collection of ideas worthy of consideration. A good sample becomes a reference for many other materials as well. It is preferred to keep two samples – one of which is a working sample used as a reference for color and texture as the project develops. The other one you should keep in a master file, which will enable you to access all the significant codes and colors.

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4. Layering the lighting

Good interiors always have a variety of layered lighting that can be controlled individually for different times of the day, events, or moods. Most rooms require three different types of lighting: general, accent, and task. You can try illuminating your room with assorted lights and lamps.

5. Trying before buying

Remembering this is important if you are trying to buy rugs, as it is not possible to make a good rug selection without actually trying it with the design.

6. Understand your space

As an interior designer, it is very significant to understand your space. The easiest way to understand the size of the space is to mock it up within a large room. You must also include the key items of the furniture, for which you can use cereal pieces or a stack of cardboard boxes to resemble the volume.

7. Consider the furniture as well as the flow

As an interior designer, you should have a generous corridor in a room which makes it easy to move around and pass someone. You can apply this same generosity to the garden path as well. An interior decorator must study the possible movement patterns on your floor plans and then use different colors to track the possible routes.

8. Give time to details

Being an interior designer, you need to spend more time and budget on the questions. You must understand that the symmetrical positioning of the questions makes them look more formal and structured. Symmetry works well in bedrooms and living rooms, but it is more preferred in the bedroom. Symmetry mostly means fewer questions, so that this can be used as a strategy for managing budget constraints. Cushion colors need to relate to something else in the room but refrain from the concept of “perfect match” which can easily go wrong.

You are free to play with patterns but try to do the work within just one or two same color palettes.

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9. Understand the secret behind good curtains

The idea is to order full-height curtains only and take the rod or track right to the ceiling. To make it look better, concealed the track inside a recessed pelmet.

10. Understand the importance of chairs in interiors

Chairs are said to make or break a design. Chairs act like accessories and are the perfect design tool to add glamour to any interior.

11. Keep only those things that are functional and beautiful

Refrain from making the room look congested and shabby. Remove anything that is unnecessary and does not look good, and keep only those things that are functional and beautiful.

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12. Plan the storage

Being an interior designer, you must master the art of solving the storage problem. Use all the unused spaces creatively, which solves the problem of storage and also makes the room look good.

So these were some significant concepts and ideas which an interior designer always keeps in mind. If you are an interior designer or pursuing interior design, then you can save this article and make use of the above-mentioned points in your designs!

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  • What are the important rules of interior design?

    A decorating style
    Creating a design brief
    Making good use of samples
    Layering the lighting
    Trying before buying
    Understand your space
    Consider the furniture as well as the flow
    Give time to details
    Understand the secret behind good curtains
    Understand the importance of chairs in interiors
    Keep only those things that are functional and beautiful
    Plan the storage

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