How to Start Product Photography Business with Low Investment

Ecommerce businesses and online product-based businesses are at their peak nowadays, that’s why the product photography business is one of the best business ideas to start currently. 

Why it is the best business idea to start currently

Manufacturers, wholesale and retail companies all need pictures of their products for the web and for print. Millions of new products are developed every year so there is a continuous demand for product photography, that’s why it is the best business idea to start with little investment.

This means a great opportunity exists to build up a business of repeat customers. It’s always easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire new customers so starting a business that will allow you to build loyal repeat customers is a smart move.

Strategy for starting a product photography business

If you are a skilled and passionate photographer you can go around to retail gift stores and ask them if they need product photos. If you don’t have photography skills, you can simply hire one part-time photographer or tie-up with a photography studio. You can show your previous portfolio while pitching the client if you don’t have a portfolio then offer to take a number of pictures for free.

The key is to establish a relationship that you can build from. If the retail store does need product photography then there is a good chance that the wholesalers and product manufacturers also need a professional product photographer since they did not supply the retailer with product photos.

Use this to your advantage and ask the retailer if they will give you a list of their wholesalers and product manufacturers. Be upfront and tell them that you want to save them money by getting the wholesalers and product manufacturers to hire and pay you to take the photos and then provide the photos for free to the retailer.

Having professional product photos is an essential part of a retailers business plan so a large percentage of the retailers you speak with should be agreeable to your proposition. Furthermore, leveraging an easy background remover tool can help you gain a competitive advantage by enabling you to provide high-quality images to your clients with minimal effort.

Expand your business by offering websites

Once you establish relationships with the wholesalers and manufacturers then evaluate the website needs. If you discover that many of the companies don’t have sufficient websites then you can upsell website services in which you’ll help them develop their website, take all their product photos, upload them to their website so that retailers can view and order online.

If you can manage to become an essential part of the order process then you will be hard to replace and can establish a long-term business with clients from the entire chain of manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer.

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