The Ultimate Guide to Drip Marketing Campaign in 2023

Sometimes brands send their existing customers, a letter of appreciation. The email message would contain a thanks message for being a customer. Such a message aims to remind the customer about your brand. The brand targets such customers using a drip campaign. Occasional emails increase the engagement of customers with the brand. 

What is Drip Marketing?

What Is Drip Marketing
What Is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing is a process of limiting the automated emails sent to your customers to take a specific action. Businesses use this technique to stay connected with their audiences in a personalised way. They focus on their customers for every business process. Drip marketing introduces your products and services to your customers. The brand ensures that the customer responds to the CTAs regularly.

Conceptual analysis

Drip marketing is sometimes referred to as “automated email campaigns” or “lifecycle emails”. To create drip marketing, a brand often uses email marketing strategies. Such emails are pre-written and sent at a specific timeline, like signing up for your newsletter or making a sales transaction. They are also called “behavioural emails” as they respond to the customer’s behaviour related to your brand.  

A pre-written set of email messages get sent to the target customers.  A drip email marketing campaign helps a brand personalize its emails. Such customizations depend on the contact details or user behaviour. This enables you to tailor your emails that would appeal to your customers.  

Benefits of drip marketing

Benefits of drip marketing
Benefits of drip marketing
  • Increases user engagement- This is the main motive of drip marketing. The automated emails are relevant to your customers. Certain e-Commerce websites use this technique in their marketing strategies. You may find pop-up messages of products like the one you brought last time, as a recommendation. This leads to adding up loyal customers to your list. 
  • Helps to convert visitors into customersYou may automate your drip emails. The emails may contain more product information. Analyze the browsing history of your target and potential customers. Include such results in your drip emails. Drip campaigns stimulate buyer and seller conversions. So acquiring your customers becomes easier.
  • Eliminates cold-calling and personalization of messages- Constant promotional calls and emails become frustrating. Customers might sometimes put the emails on snooze. They may even sign off from your newsletter and end their subscription. This will damage the relationship between your brand and the customer. Drip marketing campaigns allow the brand to send relevant content at specific times. The content gets personalized as per the customer’s interests.
  • Addresses cart abandonment- Customers sometimes populate their shopping carts with products and coupons. Then they leave the page without completing the payment. Drip marketing addresses such abandoned carts. It allows you to poke the customer for completing the transaction. You can also analyze the user behaviour behind abandoning his cart. Use the results to nurture the customer with attractive options.
  • Welcomes new customers- Drip marketing allows you to segment your target audiences. You can group them into different categories. Fix a specific time for each group to send personalized drip emails. This will also help you to attract new audiences. Drip campaigns help you widen your customer base. 
  • Increases brand recognition- Drip marketing campaigns help a brand connect with its customers. It increases your brand’s visibility. People recognize you as a good brand once you succeed in the drip marketing strategies. Word-of-Mouth strategies can offer you additional benefits. Set crisp personalized drip emails to potential customers. Decide the appropriate time to drop such messages.  

Types of drip marketing campaigns

Benefits of drip marketing
Types of drip marketing campaigns:
  • Hospitality campaigns- Drip marketing campaigns help you convert your visitors into customers. Once you get your customers, make them know your products. Show them your hospitality towards them. Introduce them to your list of products and services. A welcome campaign helps the customers get accustomed to your brand values. Drip emails can recommend relevant products to your customers. Such recommendations should get aligned with their interests and hobbies. Design your email drip campaigns and make them attractive. 
  • Re-targeting campaigns- You can re-target your lost customers using automated email drip campaigns. Find out why did your customers leave your brand. Find the best suitable products and discount coupons that would bring back your customers. eCommerce stores offer attractive discounts and keep their customers engaged.
  • Post-demo campaigns- They are closing deals including thank you messages for your customers. Thank your customers for choosing your brand over other competitors. Include a CTA message and mention benefits they can avail of. In your post-demo emails, add your brand values and convey your real message.  
  • Follow-up campaigns- The scope of selling to an existing customer is higher than selling to a new one. Your brand loyalty will help you get new customers. Follow-up email drips after-sale will encourage the customer to stay subscribed. The post-purchase emails should provide your brand values. It should base on the interest of your existing customers.  
  • Unsubscribe emails- Make your unsubscribe email drip campaigns to be unique. They should ignite a nostalgic feeling in the minds of your customers. Also, highlight what the customer will lose once he unsubscribes from your newsletter. Offer exclusive discount options to them to convince them to remain subscribed.
  • Lead nurture emails- They help communicate your brand goals to the customer. They also promote your brand values and principles. This helps create ever-lasting relationships with your customers. Include a relevant newsletter image to your drip emails. They inform the customer about the products and services provided by your brand.
  • Promotional campaigns- Promotion of your products may include exclusive discounts for the customers. Promotional drip emails will increase the click rate and engagement of your brand. The promotional discounts will attract your customers. They have the potential to encourage them to buy from you.
  • Educational campaigns- Be informative in your campaigns. Tell them about the launch of new products and services. Educate your prospects about your offerings. It will allow your customers to decide whether they would be a subscriber. Add an emotional quotient to your emails. This will entice your customers to get attached to your brand.

Setting up your drip marketing campaign

Setting up your drip marketing campaign:
what are drip marketing campaigns

Drip marketing is an essential element for making your business skyrocket. It is one of the popular marketing strategies for popular brands. Let’s see some steps to set up and manage your drip marketing campaign:

  • Identify your target audience- The first step is knowing who your target audience is. Understand what they like and strategize your drip emails as per the result.
  • Discover your business goalThe drip campaign should have a reasonable goal. Every campaign has its unique features and goals. See whether your content is relevant or not. Use popular tools to analyze your goals.
  • Select a specific action- Choose a specific action for your drip campaign. Select a particular period when you would send such drip emails. Focus on the interest and likes of your audience. Use the data to create your drip emails. 
  • Trigger your campaigns- Set up events that would trigger an automatic email response. Email triggers are certain guidelines in your email marketing software. They help you send automated personalized messages. There are many types of drip emails based on triggers. Such triggers may be behaviour-based, demographic-based, or time-based.
  • Construct your email drips- Your email drips should be short and precise. Include the required message relevant to your brand. Avoid long and keyword-stuffed emails. Be consistent in your approach.
  • Measure your performance- Analyse the click rates and conversion rates of your campaigns. This will give you an insight into your campaign’s performance. Keep track of the changing needs of your audience. and Inculcate such data in recreating your campaigns. Also, study the open rate, bounce rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates of your emails. These metrics will provide insight into your drip email campaigns.   
  • Review your drip campaigns- Once you create a drip campaign, do not just stop. Keep reviewing your performance. Bring necessary changes to the campaigns. Launch new ideas in your email campaigns. Your campaigns may go stale if you do not update them from time to time. You should keep your email list clean and precise. Also, work on your CTAs.

Tips to create a successful drip email campaign


  • Add a compelling CTA button- A CTA button engages your customers and increases sales. They can compel your audiences to find your brand over various digital platforms. Your CTA should base on your company goals. They should provide a good amount of information to your customers. The CTA button should create a sense of emergency.
  • Create follow-up emails- Sometimes your emails may not get any response. Send a follow-up email to remain at the top of your customer’s mind. Follow-up emails increase sales of products and services. As the customer cannot forget about what your offer.
  • Create personalized messages- Your messages can become more valuable by personalizing them. This will increase your engagement with your readers. Drip emails help you stay connected with your customers in a personal way. SMEs and small businesses need to personalize their messages. So that the customers get to know about their products and offerings.
  • Select an appropriate time for emails- Choose a certain time to send your drip emails out. Select such a time when your audiences are more likely to be online. This will increase your click-through rates and open rates.
  • Conduct A/B email tests- A/B testing is the essence of advertising. It increases open and click-through rates. It also increases sales. Test different varieties of emails and see what works for your brand. 
  • Create social media accounts- Create accounts over various social media channels. This will help your brand stay connected with your target audience. It will also boost your product sales. Include social media handle links in your drip emails.
  • Offer freebies- people love a brand when they get some additional benefits. Good companies offer freebies as a token of appreciation. This encourages the customer to stay subscribed to your brand.


Gather in-depth knowledge about your target audiences. Use drip marketing to promote your brand within your niche. Find the right audience and the right message for them. Focus on your business goals while sending your message to your customer base. Use analytics to process huge chunks of data. There are many more such free marketing automation tools available in the market. Invest in a good relevant email marketing platform. 

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