What Is Mobile Marketing: an Ultimate Guide, Strategies, & Examples 2023

Mobile Marketing refers to the branch of digital marketing which allows interactions with customers/ users through a mobile device. It is a digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching the target audience on mobile devices via websites, email, SMS/ MMS, social media, etc. Along with technology, marketing is also getting fragmented. 

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What Is Mobile Marketing
What Is Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising is creating online ads specific to mobile users. It is important to understand that mobile users’ intentions are different from that of desktop users. If an industry can work upon such differences, then the company will skyrocket. 

Benefits of mobile marketing:

Over 6.64 billion mobile users use their mobile phones to access their social media apps, check emails, play games and browse the internet. To be relevant you have to reach where users are, i.e. their mobile phones. Accessibility allows your brand to reach your audience whenever and wherever. Mobile marketing is the fastest mode of communication with your customers. 

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What Is Mobile Marketing
Why is mobile marketing important
Cost-effectiveUser privacy issues, as much data of the user gets exposed
CustomisableTight mobile screens and poorly optimised interfaces, for example, you are watching a video and suddenly an ad pops up, you have to wait till the ad finishes, you end up closing the video  
Accessible and shareable Diverse and complex platform
Gives access to various channels like game marketing, email marketing, push notifications, etc.Lack of reliable measurement tools 
Boost search engine rankingsImage and video restrictions- differing video experiences can alter results 
More personal than desktopsNeed for zoom and scrolling may reduce the quality of the data
Facilitates geo-targeting marketing, as people carry mobile phones everywhere they go Not applicable
Facilitates global audience reach and helps in segmenting audiences  Not applicable
Gives instant results which can easily be traced Not applicable 
Huge viral potential Not applicable 
GPS system allows sample supplier to verify the respondent Not applicable 
A most effective way to reach target audiences Not applicable 
Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing

Examples of mobile marketing & mobile marketing types:   

What Is Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Mobile app marketing – Mobile apps allow companies to associate ads in their mobile apps. For example, Facebook has ads in its app. 
  • Mobile video advertising – Through this, businesses can use computer-generated calls to promote goods and services. The user can decide whether to listen to the call or hang up. 
  • Mobile SMS marketing – It is the most common method of mobile marketing, used to reach out to users with relevant information and offers through their mobile gadgets. 
  • Game marketing – Refers to all such ads which pop up while some games are running. These ads can appear as full image ads or video ads that come up during the running of an app.
  • QR code – Phone cameras can scan such QR barcodes, then the user is directed to the linked site from where they can gather more information regarding a particular brand. 
  • Bluetooth marketing – Consumers get location-specific ads enabled from their Mobile Bluetooth feature.
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Planning, optimising and implementing mobile marketing program:

What Is Mobile Marketing
What Is Mobile Marketing

For successful mobile marketing campaigns, some steps need to be followed:

  • Research your target audience – It is very important to understand your target audience. Study the mobile habits and build useful buyer personas for mobile.  
  • Set clear objectives – To launch a strategy, it is very important to determine your goals and create a plan.  
  • Set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – Mobile marketing needs to be optimised by determining which KPIs define your campaign’s success. Such KPIs may be engagement, acquisition, customer service, etc. 
  • Marketers should create attractive ads that appeal to huge social media users. This can effectively push a brand further. 
  • Provide relevant ads to the target audience using GPS, Google Trends, Google local inventory, etc. 
  • Create mobile-friendly campaigns, add opt-in and opt-out options. 
  • Offering rewards/ offers/ incentives to encourage prospective customers to take action. 
  • Monitor mobile metrics with the help of tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. Mobile behaviour data reveals the engagement of your mobile content and conversion data lets you know which pages of your website need optimisation. Dashboard tools give data of your traffic, bounce rates, etc.  
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Channels for successful mobile marketing strategy:

  • Business marketing must include mobile marketing insights. A successful mobile marketing strategy includes the following channels:
  • SMS – The brand can send messages to the user’s mobile notifying about offers, order delivery status, etc.
  • Push notifications – They appear in the form of pop up notifications during the running of an app or opening of a website. The purpose of such messages is to inform the user about their recent articles/ blogs/ hot offers or other updates. 
  • Email Optimising emails for mobile has become widespread.

Mobile marketing tools:

What Is Mobile Marketing
What Is Mobile Marketing

With so many types of mobile marketing, a business needs to estimate which marketing tool you should choose for the best results. Let us look at some popular mobile marketing automation tools:

  • Data analytics tools like R & Python, Oracle analytics cloud, RapidMiner, etc.
  • Multi-channel marketing tools like email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) dashboards, content scheduling, etc.
  • SEO tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.  
  • App store optimization Tools like Gummicube, SearchMan, App Radar, etc.
  • Notification tools like PushEngage, OneSignal, iZooto, etc. 
  • Social media tools like Buffer, Audiense, Tailwind, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Automation tools like Cucumber, SoapUI, Worksout, Selenium, Appium, etc.
  • Video production tools like Pinnacle Studio, DaVinci Resolve, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. 
  • Graphics tools like canva etc.
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Last thought about mobile marketing:

There are some popular mobile marketing techniques like SMS, location-based marketing, in-game marketing, etc. The mobile advertisement industry contains trends in data which show higher use of mobile devices. The world of mobile advertisements is substantial with mobile advertising experts who specialise in creating and executing digital marketing strategies.

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FAQs related to mobile marketing:

  • Why should marketers care about mobile marketing?

    Smartphones are the most personal and intimate media platforms for an individual. Using them in marketing offers great connectivity with their customers. Mobile advertisement marketing strategies are rapidly growing and have become the backbone of the success of many companies.

  • How do I create the best messages for mobile devices?

    While creating content for mobile devices, it is best to be precise and to the point. People nowadays do not want to invest their time scrolling through multiple text pages. To be reachable, you can use large prominent fonts, images or videos.

  • How is mobile usage changing & how do people respond to marketing?

    The rise of mobile phones has changed people’s attitudes toward reading and viewing. It is very important to keep the messages short and simple as mobile phones are crowded with emails, social media and blogs.  

  • How does SEO work together with mobile marketing?

    Search Engines help in getting information easily. Many apps like GMB, Bing local places, YellowPages, Yelp, etc. allow your organisation to be found on local searches with SEO on your mobile device.

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